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Your relationship with an ad agency can elevate your brands and business into the stratosphere. An agency should be driving the relationship, out-thinking your team by bringing innovative ideas to the table, and making you a priority. What does agency culture have to do with the work they’re giving you, you might ask? Far too often, problems you are experiencing with work are rooted in company culture.

Ed Mitzen is an industry leader whose entrepreneurial prowess has led him to start not one, not two, but three successful health and wellness agencies by prioritizing company culture. You might say he knows a thing or two about creating successful client-agency partnerships, and recognizing those red flags that warn trouble ahead. With his tips and indicators, he can help you find them, too.

It’s time to take a critical look at your agency partnership(s). This assessment will help you ask the right questions and provide you with guidance on how to evaluate your agency so you can be sure you are getting the most value out of your partnership.

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