Company culture through the lifecycle of a business, Part Four: Maintaining company culture after mergers and acquisitions

So far, I’ve discussed how to create and nurture your company culture, and how to adapt it as your company grows. In the final part of this blog series, I want to talk about how to keep your culture intact after mergers and acquisitions. It may seem challenging, but it’s far from impossible!

Use culture to connect.

As your company grows, not only will you have more employees, but you may even add other business units or entire businesses themselves. Suddenly, you may find that you have employees spread out at different offices and in different states, maybe even in different countries! 

It can seem like an uphill battle to keep up a cohesive company culture with so many fragmented parts of your team, but it is possible! Make the extra effort to connect all of your team through “all-hands” meetings and events. Get creative with ways to unite your business units for quality time and open conversations. If everyone isn’t able to attend an event or meeting, video call them in! While it’s not ideal, it still provides some form of face-time for your team.

Be willing to adapt.

If you are dealing with a merger, you may have to make some changes as you work to marry two different company cultures. My advice is to take the best of both company cultures to create a new one. Be clear about how the new values and culture look so that there is no confusion throughout your team. Be open to feedback from new employees and old in order to create a culture that joins the merging companies more seamlessly together.

Start from the ground up with your “new” employees.

Employees joining your team in a merger want to be valued and heard, too. Be conscious that everyone is dealing with a lot of change, and as this Entrepreneur article states, reach every person. A culture doesn’t work if you don’t have a functional team. Work with employees and managers alike to get to know your people—their desires, their needs, and their aspirations. As you do this, your team will get to know you, too, which will open up opportunities for you to demonstrate the values and leadership you hope to instill in them through the culture.

As a leader, your job is to string a common thread through your team, no matter how much it changes and grows. You keep the ship afloat, holding your values at the core of your company and its culture. By leading with empathy and flexibility, listening to your people, and constantly creating opportunities for your team to connect on a deeper level, you will uphold a culture that will be able to withstand any amount of change your company may go through.

I would love to help you grow your business through empathetic leadership skills and and exceptional company culture. Get in touch.


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