Company culture through the lifecycle of a business, Part Three: Adapting your culture as your company grows

So your company is growing—congrats! That’s a good sign that you’re doing something (or a lot of things) right. As your company grows and expands both internally and externally, you will need to adapt what is at the core of your business so that your company’s values and culture stay intact as it scales. In part three of this blog series, I will be discussing how to adapt your company culture as your business grows.


Consider culture when hiring.

As your company grows, you will inevitably have to hire more employees. As you hire, be sure you are looking for people that will fit your culture and already share the values that you have at the core of your business. Behavioral interviewing and conversational methods can help identify these traits in your potential new employees. Hiring employees that already fit into the company culture will help maintain it as you continue to add to your team. You can also consider offering a referral bonus to your employees to encourage the great people you already have to help you find other good fits.


Go beyond technology—get out of the office!

It is easy (especially in today’s world) to get stuck behind a screen. New hires may receive friendly emails, and employees may talk via g-chat…but nothing replaces the authentic connections made from having time face-to-face. If you are serious about investing in your culture, hold events in and out of the office that will help bring your team together. As your team becomes more connected, your culture will become (and remain) cohesive.


Think like a small business.

This is a great point discussed in an article by Jason Richmond from that I would like to expand on. As your company scales, it may grow out of the “small business” category. Even so, to keep your company culture evident throughout your company, you should try to uphold the values and communication styles of a small company. As Richmond explains, keeping communication open and continuously getting to know your employees as people become even more important in a growing company. The more in-touch you are with your team, the more opportunity you will have to exemplify and lead with your company values, further nurturing your relationships with your team as well as the culture you have created.


Make culture everyone’s job.

I believe this point from Ben Davis included in Inc truly sums up how to continue to have a winning culture in a growing company: make it everyone’s job. As a leader, you have created a culture based on values and beliefs, and you have surrounded yourself with people who have “bought in” to your vision. When employees take responsibility for upholding culture, not only will they be more satisfied with their own work environment, but they will help keep your company culture intact, even as your business and team continues to grow.

If you would like to learn more about my philosophy and how you can implement it into your business, get in touch with me. I would love to help take your business to the next level.


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