Company culture through the lifecycle of a business, Part Two: How to cultivate and nurture your company culture

Company culture through the lifecycle of a business, Part Two: How to cultivate and nurture your company culture

So you’ve created an awesome company culture, now what? In this second part of this blog mini-series, I would like to talk about cultivating your culture so that the values and ideals that you have brought to your company stay front of mind.

Communication is key

Now that you have a positive company culture, it’s time to focus on keeping transparent, open communication with your people. Transparency not only keeps everyone on the same page, but it creates a sense of trust. Take it from Communications Expert Kit Pang…he emphasizes the multifaceted benefits of quality communication in a business. Having a strong voice as well as empowering your employees to join in on the conversation is invaluable to creating and maintaining your company culture.

Listening to your people

So I just talked about communicating, and a huge (and vital) part of communicating is listening. Part of maintaining a good company culture is being in tune with what’s working and what isn’t. Make sure that your employees feel heard when they have ideas, issues, or input. The people who know the most about your culture are the ones who are immersed in it every day, so be sure to listen and be receptive to feedback. Businesses are constantly evolving, and you may have to make some tweaks internally (to your culture or something else!) to keep it working like a well-oiled machine.

Stick to your values and promises

Changes can occur in your company that may throw you or distract you from the values you have set into place as pillars of your culture. Always come back to the basics of how you built your culture. Any strong culture is built on an even stronger foundation, so remember what values you built your company culture on, and bring those back into view if your company or team begins to stray.

Be a human

This may seem obvious…but some companies and leaders become so corporate-minded that they lose their sense of being human. It is so important to me to be approachable, authentic, and down-to-earth. I treat my employees with value and respect. Employees who feel valued and heard will be loyal assets to your company, and in turn, will play a large role in maintaining and nurturing your company culture.

Stay tuned for the next part of this blog series, “Company culture through the lifecycle of a business, Part Three: Adapting your culture as your company grows.” I am excited to continue sharing my knowledge on this subject! If you would like more information, feel free to reach out to me. I would love to share my expertise with you and your team!


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