Get to know Fingerpaint: Our top 5 principles

Fingerprint - 5 Principles

A strong company culture is vital to business success. I am passionate about teaching other businesses the connection between culture and business performance, and how to create a team that will serve your clients well. I practice what I preach in my own company, Fingerpaint. We are known for our spectacular, one of a kind company culture, and it has proven to benefit our bottom line. To give you more insight on the values I have built my company on, I am walking you through our five main principles at Fingerpaint.

We are independent by design.

As an independent agency, we are dynamic and free to cater to each client individually. That freedom allows us to roll with the punches, change directions if something isn’t working, and give our clients the individualized work and attention they deserve. We are “right service” rather than “full service.”  

We are people first. 

At Fingerpaint, we treat our employees like family. Additionally, we back that up with actions: benefits, sabbaticals, and more. When your team members feel valued, their dedication and the quality of their work is that much better. On top of that, when your employees are treated well, it will translate to the treatment of your clients, too. 

We invest in our clients.

Just as we invest in our team, when we start a relationship with a client, we make them a priority for their entire time working with us. Our dedicated team works on and off the clock to ensure success for our clients. Your success is our success!

We create outside the lines.

We are constantly looking for the “next big thing” and to constantly wow our clients. We not only believe in creating unique, captivating, effective marketing—we don’t accept anything less. We seek out employees who don’t just think outside of the box, they live there. Our approach to marketing is innovative and we always try to stay one step ahead, and it works!

We don’t just build brands, we activate them.

Waiting for your audience to come to you is a thing of the past. In today’s digital age full of social media and online content, you have to be where your customers already are. Not only that, but in the sea of content, you have to catch their attention long enough to stop their scroll, and be engaging enough to draw them in (and get them to click). At Fingerpaint, we call this “activating the brand.”

All of these values are at the core of our work and our culture. These principles set us apart from our competition and allow us to truly serve our clients to the best of our ability!

Want to learn more about Fingerpaint? Do we sound like a good fit? Learn more on our company website.


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