Listening to your People: Why Culture and Employee Empowerment Are the Secrets to a 99% Glassdoor Rating

Manager listening to employee

You can tell a lot about a business from their rating on Glassdoor, a site that houses anonymous company reviews from current and former employees. Unlike thoroughly strategized marketing campaigns or curated social media accounts, a brand’s Glassdoor rating is based solely on these real-life experiences. As its name suggests, this platform is a transparent resource for anyone interested in working with or for a company, providing on-the-ground perspectives from those who have experienced their cultures from the inside.

So, how do you ensure a great online reputation without the power of the almighty edit? What makes employees sing a company’s praises? Our advertising agency, Fingerpaint, has an excellent company rating on Glassdoor, and truly listening to our employees is a big part of how we achieved that.

Ask for Feedback. Companies might have the façade of being receptive to feedback, but how often do they really welcome it? It’s one thing for leaders to be willing to hear ideas from their workforce. But it’s completely different to build a space for employee feedback into the very fiber of your company’s culture. Your employees need far more than just a general attitude of passive openness to feel as though they have a resounding voice within the company.

Critique Prompts Action. Once you incorporate a dependable way to collect employee feedback, you must act on the information you receive. Telling your employees that you’re listening without proving that you’re actually hearing them accomplishes nothing. Employees will only feel they have a voice when their ideas, opinions, and suggestions have weight with those in charge. If someone brings a great suggestion to the table, don’t just say you’ll look into it collaborate with them on a plan to put it in place!

Check Your Progress. Even when you take an employee suggestion and run with it, it’s possible to miss the mark. Once an idea comes to life, check back in with those who helped to create it in the first place. Is this the result they were envisioning? Does this new initiative benefit everyone involved? If the answer isn’t a resounding yes, then it’s time to revisit and revise. Truly great company culture is a constant work in progress, and employee feedback is one of the most valuable tools for refining it.

Reap the Benefits. Our agency, Fingerpaint, is built around the idea of prioritizing people, and that includes giving all employees an equal voice. While this may seem like a simple, straightforward value, the vast majority of advertising agencies are clearly not putting their employees first. This reality is apparent in far more than their Glassdoor ratings.

Your greatest asset is your people, and your employees should be your number one priority. When you treat all your employees (regardless of seniority) with the same respect, you end up with a team who will fight for you. If you consistently prove to your people that they are valuable, your company’s reputation will reflect that, attracting the best and brightest to your business in both clients and employees. It’s as simple as that.


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