Company culture through the lifecycle of a business, Part One: What makes for A Positive, World-Class Company Culture

A great company culture means success—for your business, for your employees, and for you. Even corporate giants like Deloitte have found a strong correlation between culture and success. According to their research discussed in Forbes, “94% of executives and 88% of employees believe a distinct corporate culture is important to a business’ success.” Your company’s culture affects everything from employee happiness to the quality of the work, to client satisfaction, and it will evolve as the company grows and changes.

In my next few blog posts, I will be talking about how to manage culture through the lifecycle of your business. But first, you have to create a company culture. Here are the main factors that can help you create a truly exceptional company culture.


A “People First” Mentality

A superior company culture begins here. A company that puts its people first will inevitably have a core of devoted, motivated, and happy employees. Putting people first might mean offering great healthcare coverage, the opportunity to work from home or take sabbaticals, providing resources for continuing education, or something else. The point is, we treat our employees like family…and they, in turn, treat our clients the same way!


Encouraging creativity, growth, learning

This goes along with the “people first” mentality, but I believe it is important enough to have its own section! Allowing your employees to voice their ideas, collaborate, think outside of the box, and continue to learn and grow their skill sets is vital to great company culture. This will help your employees maintain their sense of purpose, and ensure that your team enjoys coming to (and being at) work.



It is incredibly important to get involved in something bigger than yourself. You can (and should!) bring this into your company culture. I believe in this so much that we have our own full-time director of philanthropy at Fingerpaint! Integrating philanthropy and emphasize the importance of serving others in your community is a great way to further engage your employees in a wonderful culture.


Leading by example

The best way to teach is by example, and the same goes for leading, as well. All of the above points are great, but a great company culture starts with you! Your team is much more likely to adopt and live by these ideals if their leader is showing them how to do so! Set the standard for what you want your culture to look like, and the values you want your company and employees to live by.


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