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Ed Mitzen

Ed Mitzen has been in the advertising business for over twenty years and has created three companies whose revenues total in the hundreds of millions, yet he does not know how to make an ad. What does it take to succeed time and time again in business? Some people can get lucky with a great idea or just be in the right place at the right time. However, those who make a habit out of creating winning companies always start with culture.

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More Than a Number: The Power of Empathy and Philanthropy in Driving Ad Agency Performance

Would you give a million dollars to a complete stranger? It sounds ridiculous but it happens every day in ad agencies across the globe. People put their faith and finances in the hands of companies that may or may not be qualified. In his new book, Ed Mitzen reveals who you can trust and the warning signs for which we must be on guard when speaking to a prospective ad agency.

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Ed Mitzen is on a mission to help leaders create the kind of cultures that catalyze growth and to recognize this quality in potential business partners. In his decades of experience, Ed has never laid off a single employee; a fact he attributes to the processes he has honed over the years.

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