The Book

Wealthy and White

Why Guys Like Me Need to Show Up, Step Up, and Give Others a Hand Up

For over 25 years, Ed Mitzen built marketing agencies that were insanely successful. He fostered a professional career that not only changed the game in how to run a healthy and prosperous agency employing hundreds of talented creative professionals, he made a boatload of money. Now that he has left the advertising world, he wants to do something with that boat.

With the rest of their lives in front of them, Ed and his wife Lisa agreed that philanthropy needed to play a big part of the next stage of life — to help others and build stronger communities.

In his second book, Ed walks the talk of being a wealthy white American who is doing all he can to make the most of his position in this world. Ed hopes that this book inspires readers to take all the tools they used to build their own wealth and invest it in people.

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