Meet Ed

Photo of Ed Mitzen

From founding three profitable marketing firms to putting his great success to it's best use.

Ed Mitzen is an unusual success story in the marketing world. Over the past 25 years, Ed has started three healthcare marketing firms – consisting of two health and wellness advertising agencies and one healthcare marketing consulting group – whose combined revenues are north of half a billion dollars. At his last firm, Fingerpaint, the Saratoga-based company he founded in 2008, he worked with some of the most recognized brands in the country.

After graduating from Syracuse University with a 2.8 GPA, Ed found himself earning $600 per month working as a hospital aide.

At age 30, Ed was working seventy hours a week and had two kids at home. He knew something had to change, that’s when he decided to set out on his own in the world of marketing with a focus on healthcare.

In 2020 Ed stepped down as the day-to-day leader of Fingerpaint and, along with his wife Lisa, formed Business for Good, a nonprofit that aims to achieve social change through business. Ed’s passion to turn his good fortune into good for local communities and beyond is truly an inspiring story.

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